Tuesday, May 8, 2012


It arrived today.  Husband's birthday present is here.  Now he no longer has to break his back to break the ground for the new garden.  The tiller is a beast.  I think I'll call it the Black Beast.  It is black, I thought it was green.  It is heavy and has big wheels.

What do you think happened after we picked it up?  If you guessed breaking the ground, then yes you are right.  I took some pictures to share.

Here is the black beast.  It really tears up the ground.  A good thing when one is putting in a bigger garden in a new spot.

The new garden.  Much bigger than our old one.  Old one will still be used, but only for cuccumbers I think.  That long brown thing is where we planted the radishes and onions last year.  It worked really well.

That is our old garden.  Not very big, eh?  The cuccumbers and pumpkin took over it.  Strange thing about the pumpkin, we didn't plant it.  Husband threw the one in there from the previous fall.  The seeds got washed down into the soil.  We ended up with three pumpkins.  The cuccumbers climbed the fence at the back.

Our rhubarb plant is coming up nicely.  I look forward to making some jam with it this year.

And lastly, look at how nice the celery is growing.  It seems to get bigger every day!

This is all for now folks.  Enjoy the rest of your day.



  1. Your garden is looking good! And wow, the celery is really growing :) I bet your jam will be delicious!!