Friday, May 4, 2012

Good Morning!

It has been a drearing couple of days here.  I am happy for the rain because we need it, but the dark skies put a damper on my spirits.  The cure ? Spend time in prayer and bake bread! 

I woke up at 5:30 am (est.) to start my bread.  I have a lovely expensive mixer with a dough hook.  However, I have found that the best way to make my bread is by hand.  I can feel the dough with my hands and by doing so I can tell whether or not I have enough flour.  Having the right amount of flour is crucial.  Anyway....I find bread making refreshing to my soul.  I know what is in the bread that I am making for one.  There is also a sense of satisfaction that I am able to produce food for my family.  Nothing tastes better than home-baked fresh bread!

I have a little project going on.  I am attempting to grow my own celery.  A friend of mine told me about starting your celery in the house in a bowl of water.  I had already seen this on another blog.  I have cut all of my ribs off (I used them up), leaving three inches.  I set that in a bowl with warm water.  Change the water every couple of days.  Although I saw pictures online of new growth, I wondered if it would actually work.  It does!  I have new leaves sprouting up from the middle.  I took a picture so that you can see:

See the new growth?  It's amazing.  The outer stalks will die off.  After several weeks I will plant it outside.  It is too early here yet to start planting our garden.

Okay, as promised, I took a picture of my new dinning room set.  It was dark, but the flash did it's job and the picture actually turned out better than in daylight.

The chairs are a little wobbly, but my husband can fix them.  The table is really heavy, thank goodness it is on wheels!  We have now enjoyed two family meals at this table.  I find myself looking forward to setting it for supper.  I also got a hutch with it:

I do not have many "pretty" things to put in it.  What few I do have is now inside.  My dinning room is not that big.  This set fits nicely.  It brings a homeliness to my house.

Thanks for stopping by!  My bread is rising in the oven and in about twenty minutes the girlies will be up and getting ready for the day.

May you have a blessed day!

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